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For construction sites large and small, you can trust Foxey Commercial services to provide the required amenities with professional delivery and service. We have experience with job sites involving roadwork, major commercial construction, and residential or single-site portable restroom needs. We can assist in planning the number of portable restrooms and other amenities you may need based on the size of the worksite crew and the hours worked. Plan accurately for your sanitation needs, the productivity of your workforce relies on adequate sanitation facilities.


Building a home or residential job. We can provide you with quality service no matter the job size.


Need multiple portable restrooms for that bigger job site? We have you covered with our services!


We have experience with roadside construction, let us help you with your next job!

  • How many Foxey toilets will I need for my jobsite?
    Foxey's got your back! With our easy-to-use services, one toilet unit can accommodate up to ten hardworking folks putting in a 40-hour week. Plus, that's the ANSI standard we stick to. Our dedication to quality service is unmatched, so get in touch with us at 801-648-7667. Whether it’s for longer hours, unique needs or just to learn more about what we do, we’d love to hear from you!
  • What cleaning services do you provide and how often?
    We take pride in our cleaning services to ensure you have the best experience possible. Once per week or based on the usage rate of the toilet, we will evacuate the toilet holding tank and remove any debris. We will sanitize the entire surface of the toilet including walls, toilet seats, floor and the urinal. We will refill all supplies such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If repairs are needed we will evaluate onsite and schedule the repair or replacement potty. We will also sign and date the service log so that you know we have been there.
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