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Foxey Commercial Services Logo Porta Potty Rentals Northern Utah


Whether you are a homeowner renting for the first time or an event coordinator who needs hundreds of units, we make the same promise to you - we'll deliver clean portable toilets on-time, service them routinely, pick them up promptly upon request, and do it at a competitive price.


Select the industry you wish to learn more about!

Foxey Commercial Services Events Porta Potty Rentals

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Local Events

Be prepared for your next local event coming up this year.

Foxey Commercial Services Emergency/Disaster Porta Potty Rentals

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Foxey is quick to respond and deliver when there is a disaster or emergency! 

Foxey Commercial Services Construction Porta Potty Rentals

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Commercial Construction

Reliable site services for your next commercial contruction project.

Foxey Commercial Services Government/Service Porta Potty Rentals

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Don't let a bathroom stop you from helping out our communities!

Foxey Commercial Services Recreation/sports Porta Potty Rentals

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Foxey will help you with your recreational support needs on site.

Foxey Commercial Services Agriculture Porta Potty Rentals

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We have support trailers to help you access remote locations on your farm or agriculture location.

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